Arthur Kirkland - England[Character Dropped]

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Arthur Kirkland - England[Character Dropped]

Post by Former Arthur 1 on Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:22 pm

Name: Arthur Kirkland
Country representing: England
Age: 23
Background: Arthur was born in a wealthy and big family. With three older brothers and one older sister he was the youngest child of the Kirkland family.

Before he was put to sleep temporarily, Arthur lived in the south of London. He was head editor of the fiction department of a company that specialized in publishing books. He was mostly occupied with his job. It was quite stressing, but he liked his job besides everything. The house he lived in, was small but cozy.

He didn’t have many friends, only a few. Put aside a lover. He has had a boyfriend in high school who went cheating behind his back and later a girlfriend in college who broke up with him right after the graduation ceremony, saying something about moving.

Arthur can be best described as a stuck up Briton who complains a lot. Though no matter how much he rants about something he actually quite like it. For example the rain, he complains a lot about the shitty weather, but Arthur loves the rain. Arthur’s character could be described as tsundere.

He tries his best to come off as a gentleman and be kind to everyone, but often fails at it. Arthur comes off as very harsh most of the time. He often times doesn’t mean it, but it takes some time for him to soften and open up to you. He has sometimes a hard time to express his feelings.

He has a short temper and can easily be 'pissed off'. Especially when you make fun of him. He can get very defensive when you make fun of the things he loves and proud of. Especially magical creatures, his eyebrows and embroidery. He is quickly offended when someone makes fun of him. He has a few “secret” hobbies. Those are related to magic and paranormal things. Though some people know more about it than they actually wish. Arthur strongly believes in magic and ghosts no matter what everyone says.

Arthur can be quite stubborn. When he strongly believes in something, it's hard to convince him otherwise.

He likes to cook but he sucks at it. He knows it himself but he's afraid to admit it. He is sensitive over his hobbies, so he might yell at you when you offend his cooking or make fun of his embroidery.

Inside Arthur is quite a romanticist. He likes poetry, art, literature, music, and cheesy cliché romantic things. Though he isn't good at being romantic. He's too shy and easily embarrassed to actually make a move towards the person he has a crush on.

He doesn't like the French and he clearly doesn't bother to hide it. Along with annoying people, being picked on and messes. Arthur likes to keep his things neat and tidy.

Roleplay sample:
Arthur slowly opened his eyes. The ground was hard and cold. He rubbed his eyes. Had he fallen out of bed? His head hurt like hell. "hangover." Arthur mumbled as he rubbed his forehead. Still not bothering to open his eyes.

He didn't feel like getting up. Though he had to, laying here was very uncomfortable. He opened his eyes finally. It was still very dark. Though he could see there were no walls. What the- Arthur quickly sat up and looked around. This wasn't his house! Arthur looked around and rubbed his head again. Where was he again? He didn't quite remember. He had gone drinking last night. It was all a blur.

Arthur tried to get up, though his head didn't really help him with that. He gripped his head. "Ouch." He mumbled as he felt his head aching. When he finally stood up, he took a better look. Don't freak Arthur, it's just a lame prank from America, he told himself.

Apparently he was on the roof of a building. He walked towards the exit door. He tried to open it. Locked. Arthur kept trying and started to lose his calm now. He did a few steps back and kicked the door. It didn't move. Arthur decided to just smack it open, by running into it himself. That also failed.

Arthur looked for another out way. Jump? He didn't even want to know how high it was to jump from here. He slowly walked over to the edge, as he looked down he felt himself going sick. Arthur stumbled backwards, afraid to fall down. "B-bollocks." Arthur exclaimed.

"A-al! When you're out there, I just want you to know that this isn't funny so you can come out here." Arthur said to the air. He waited, but there was no response. "O-oi" His voice echoed. He really was alone. Arthur looked nervously around. "Anyone out there?" He yelled. "Help." He tried again.

He slowly crawled to the edge and yelled down. "Anyone down there?! Help!" He tried to see if there was anyone on the streets but it was hard to see. The height had made Arthur sick and when he looked down like this, well- he couldn't hold it in anymore and threw up.
(Roleplay sample taken from my application for Hidden Monsters)

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Re: Arthur Kirkland - England[Character Dropped]

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:10 pm

that was a good application so of course you're accepted~


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