[Sample, accepted app] Prussia application

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[Sample, accepted app] Prussia application

Post by Gilbert Beildschmidt on Sun Nov 20, 2011 7:06 pm

Name: Gilbert Beildschmidt
Country representing: Prussia (Germany)
Age: 23
Background(what was their job before, what was their life like?): Gilbert grew up in a family made of men, mostly. He went to school, got okay grades there despite not really working there, and ended up getting a degree in electronics. He also served for the military before being stuck in this situation. He experimenced malnutrition and really fears to not have anything to eat or drink. He also tended to spend a lot of time in the streets so ended up learning a few tricks.

Personality (mostly to see your characterization):Gilbert have a personality built on two levels; the Public one, and the private one he doesn't show since he consider it to be a weakness and refuse to let people- except those who managed to get really close to him-see it. The public one show a selfish, arrogant young man, who claims to be awesome and believe firmly in it. He loves to fight and is, overall, what you would call a hooligan. If there's mayhem somewhere you can be sure he'll be here soon. He loves to be the center of attention and is loud and rather misbehaved. It looks like his ego is way too big for one person. He loves to eat and sleep, and can be pretty messy. He also is rather short tempered and an overall annoyance.

However deep down if he gets attached to someone he'll be really loyal, as proved with Old Fritz. He can be serious and do things well, given he doesn't get bored. However if it really means something to someone he'll carry on. He loves cute things too, and have a collection of plush (mostly pandas). He's good at gardening and cleaning, but of course doesn't like to show too much since it's a pansy thing to do and he likes to appear manly. He gets depressed easily, especially when old fritz is mentioned, and hates being alone (even if he claims it's awesome to be alone). He's actually rather awkward when it comes to flirting and girls. His whole public identity is mostly made to hide how he can be unsure of himself and how much of a softie he can actually be, since he was raised amongst men where being manly was a rule. He doesn't like commitment and will tend to avoid being tied down to one person.

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words): The room was quiet at this time of the morning, the huge pile of sheets and blankets placed on the slightly uncomfortable bed moving up and down regularly, following the rhythm established by the quiet snoring of the comatose body underneath. Unfortunately, the beast had to be disturbed in its heavenly sleep as the loud shriek of an alarm clock resonated throughout the room. A groan was emitted, and as the offending noise refused to go away, a pale and rough hand snaked out of the comforting cocoon to slam mercilessly on the clock. A quiet "Schei├če!" was heard, as pain surged through his nerves. He may have added a bit too much enthusiasm in his alarm clock hunt. He yawned and shifted a little to get his head out, messy silvery hair appearing first, and winced as light hit his sensitive eyes. Albinism made you look cool but had some bad points. He sat up slowly, holding his hand, and making sure he was alone, allowed himself to whimper a bit.

He had enjoyed last evening quite a lot; He found a nice bar that served real beer, and not that shitty beverage that was closer to dead body flavored water they usually passed as beer here. He had managed to flirt with a girl before her boyfriend decided that him showing to her his five meter in the toilets wasn't a good idea. He already was quite drunk then and got in a nasty fight, eventually winning. He then got kicked out of that bar, so much for the good beer... But his night didn't end here. He eventually found another one, where he managed to jump on a table and sing -clearly off-tune to others, awesomely for himself- before running out cackling evilly, not paying for the three other beers he got here. He then remembered Old Fritz and got miserable, finally going home to crash on his bed, which was a miracle in the state he was in. He really deemed it to be a great night out (by himself, but being alone is Awesome!).

He just really, really hated hangovers. And He had to go to work today. He stood up, wincing at the pounding in his head, and went to take his some painkiller. He showered, ate an healthy breakfast and... was on his feet again. he fed Gilbird as he brushed his teeth, before taking her out of his cage. Today was the day he would introduce her to the world of acting, and make her steal some pages of the script for him. And no, he didn't take her because it got awfully lonely when he worked by himself.
(RP sample taken out of a previous app for a theater themed rp board.)
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