Nikita Arlovski ll Nyo!Belarus

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Nikita Arlovski ll Nyo!Belarus

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 19, 2012 9:11 am

♠ Nikita Arlovski ♠
<Country Representative>
♠ Belarus ♠
♠ 19 ♠

He was normally born in Minsk, Belarus, but his childhood upbringing was done on the grounds of a farm in Russia, along with his two older siblings. He was a child when his older brother and their father left for Ukraine, leaving him, his sister, and their mother behind in Russia. Growing up, he did his best to take care of his sister and his mother. He didn't want them to feel burdened and did everything he could to make their life comfortable. Due to that sort of lifestyle, he gained an extreme sister complex.

As years passed, he soon headed off for college in Belarus. He knew that he could support his family better with a good education. Growing up, he did have a great interest in the medical and psychological field. Human bodies, how to treat illnesses, the human cognitive mind, how they think and function, it all interested him. He took school quite seriously. He grew quite fond of Belarus, his birthplace, and studied up on its cultures and history. During his time in Belarus, he grew quite a lot as a person. His interests branched out from opera to gymnastics to firearms and more. He even formed a strong, intimate relationship with another male, who had unfortunately been one of the people struck from the world's epidemic.

The news announcement of the end of the world put him in quite a stupor. He rushed back to Russia, but being one of the chosen to put the world in start once more, he was whisked away before he could meet his family and it put him in a very heavy despair and desperation, not knowing if his family would be there. Luckily, he found his sister at the bunker and even reunited with his absent brother. Unfortunately, their parents passed away from the world's epidemic. He sticks quite closely to his older siblings in the new world, moreso his sister than his brother.


Nikita is a downright introvert and usually keeps to himself at most times. Even though he has high unconditional love for his siblings, it does get mentally exhausting and draining for him to be at their side 24/7. He likes time to himself and is actually quite prone to just disappearing off on a walk when he's sure that his siblings have fallen asleep. He functions quite differently than his siblings. His siblings tend to approach other people, whereas he does not. He may occasionally, but it's not quite often. It's only when he absolutely needs to.. But don't get him wrong, he does enjoy company. He just tires out rather fast amongst people.

Naturally, people don't talk to him much because of the superior and rather unsettling feeling he tends to give off. In turn, his communication skills are rather rusty. His tone of voice tends to be quite apathetic and a bit condescending. Sometimes, it can also have an unintentional bite. It doesn't help that the things he usually wants to talk about are more in depth and meaningful. His choice of topic and his tone combined usually makes the other people quite angry with him; the anger is highly likely due to his blunt sincerity. Many people feel like he thinks that he's better than everyone and there were a lot of hostility towards him in college due to that.

He was also labelled as an obsessive incestual freak in college due to his constant fretting about his sister. But his love for her doesn't cross the familial lines. He just worries greatly for her, even though he's very much aware that she can take care by herself. He even knows of his sister's great strength, but still he can't help worrying. He's a quite familial person and his older brother is not the only one in the family that is like a mother hen. That aspect is quite present in Nikita as well; he just expresses it differently than his brother. He can get quite deadly when people talk bad about his family. The words that spill out of his mouth when he hears badmouthing about his family is extremely crude and laced with death threats. He doesn't really enjoy speaking like that, but he moreso doesn't like people speaking ill of his family. He's been labelled 'psychotic' and 'unstable' as well.

If one really got to know him, he is quite the person to know. The things he has to say are quite interesting to hear and there is no doubt that one will learn a thing or two from their conversation. He can be quite sweet and childish when it comes to it. When someone gets close to him, there is no doubt that he'll be on their side. He'll do whatever he can do be of help. But he can be quite overbearing and a handful at times. There are numerous pros and cons with him. But all in all, he's a good friend to have.


Nikita stands at the height of 167.64 cm. He's not as tall as people think he is; his height is quite an issue for him, seeing how he is the shortest of the three. He adorns a pair of boots with a slight heel to be taller. He tends to always be wearing a long-sleeved coat, not being one for fashion. His clothes are extremely simple: a white shirt and black pants. He prefers comfort over style. His hair is the color of platinum blond while his eyes retain the shade of blue-violet. From some reason, he has a lock of hair that doesn't seem to stay down. He's given up in trying to tame his cowlick after numerous unsuccessful attempts. Nikita's body is actually quite petite and slim and is more agile than strong. He does retain a bit of muscle due to exercise, though it fails to compare to his brother's. He's always in awe of his older siblings' strength.

<Roleplay Sample>
Nikita listened quietly as Natalia spoke of Ivan's biting words. This was a common occurrence; their older brother was always rather fickle when it came to them. His words must have hurt her deeply this time around, he concurred as he watched Natalia beat away at the metal dummy mercilessly. His fingers idly played with the dismembered metal head of the dummy, processing everything she said. What are the words that Natalia needed to hear; he had to think of how to best comfort his grieving Sestra. He utterly despised seeing his strong twin Sestra so heartbroken and lost. He decided to wait for her to first finish her physical interpretation of her sorrow before speaking. He winced inwardly every time Natalia let out a yelp of pain, his poor, saddened twin. He knew it was better to first let Natalia work off a bit of her swirling emotions. He would definitely make her feel better.

"He is most definitely playing another game with us, Sestra-Nata," Nikita spoke, dropping the head once Natalia had finished. "He plays these games with us to test us and see if we are indeed worthy of him." He reached his arm out to his devastated twin, wiping her unspilled tears away with his thumb. He then grabbed her injured hand, rubbing over the forming bruise on her knuckles gently. "Sestra-Nata, he has been hurt as well. Since we are the first to ever accept him as a whole, he is rejecting us because he has never felt the feeling of acceptance before. His words are biting because he does not know how to clearly express his feelings towards us. It is his little game to see if we can handle him, da?" He gave a small, reassuring smile; a smile that was only reserved for his beloved family.

"Do not worry, Sestra-Nata. I am here to eliminate all your doubts. Bpat most definitely loves us," Nikita spoke. "We must simply give him time. Then he will come to us himself, apologizing for ever saying those cruel words to you, Sestra-Nata. We must simply give him time. Da?"

(This is a roleplay sample from another board I'm in. I hope it's suitable!)


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Re: Nikita Arlovski ll Nyo!Belarus

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It was a good app, so you're accepted!
(...though if you don't mind me asking, why did you add the little spike signs in it? not that it's bad, I'm just surprised to see the format you chose!)
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