[Gilbert and Trang] Irrigation system

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[Gilbert and Trang] Irrigation system

Post by Gilbert Beildschmidt on Sat Jan 14, 2012 7:27 pm

²Now that Gilbert actually had a decent two rooms house, he had decided that washing in the river, while fun, wasn't really the best thing ever. Which was why he had started to work on a bathroom. He already had made a bathtub for him and Maddie, trying to work on it so it wouldn't lose water and would even allow them to heat said water.

Ever since he had found how to extract and melt metal, working in secret in one of the caves nobody had claimed, He had made a few rather useful tools. He was glad he was rather good at manual work, it really came in handy here. He used one tool he had to extract four big chunks of stone, shaping it so it was flat on both sides and could make a low small table; he dug a pit under it to be able to light a fire under it, adding a bigger stone he had again shaped so it was flat on two sides to put something on it without it falling or moving too much. That was his heating system for now.

He already had another heating system for his main room (now reconverted in a living room, the second room making a great bedroom in the end!), having arranged his first fire pit better now so it was a small chimney. He had worked hard on this one too, but his house was starting to look like a real house.

He was just done working on his Bathtub; he had chopped down a tree, made planks, and had tied them all together with a metal structure, reminding him of a barrel somewhat, but it was pretty much what it was; a big barrel where one person could sit in to wash.He was damn proud of it.

Now that he was done with it, all he needed was a way to get water there; using buckets would be problematic after a while. Which was why he ran toward Trang's house, jogging there, needing to do some sports. He looked around for her, hoping she could help; she did say she knew how to do it...
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Re: [Gilbert and Trang] Irrigation system

Post by Tran Thi Trang on Fri Feb 03, 2012 9:50 am

Trang had been working hard on her farm, having spent a fill day carefully watering everything and pulling out the weeds. Nearby an irrigation system, a basic one was sitting there, almost done. Another day and it should be done, making watering a much easier task that would only involve a simple pumping motion.

As she sat there, he knees and clothes covered in dirt and muck, hands totally coated in mud as he worked on an especially stubborn weed she noticed someone running over towards her. “...Huh? Oh, just Gilbert... what does he want?” Trang grumbled to herself as the weed was torn from the ground, wincing a bit as a torn pricked her thumb, throwing the stupid thing over to the side.

When he was almost there she stood, wondering whether she should go over to the river and wash her hands and face... after all she must be a total mess. Oh well, it wasn’t like she cared what people thought about her and besides, it proved she had been working hard. “...Oi. What do you want?”
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