Ukraine (male)

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Ukraine (male)

Post by Ivan Braginski on Thu Dec 22, 2011 3:44 am

Name: Andriy Prienko
Age: 30
Country of representation: Ukraine

Andriy grew up on a farm with his little brother and sister. He enjoyed this very much because, not only was he good at farming and caring for animals, but he also loved to look after his siblings. Some of the other villagers would joke about him being a ‘mother hen’, since he would often find time in the day to tell stories to the younger ones in the town. His mother and father, however, were not as carefree as their eldest son. They divorced, and Andriy went with his father to the Ukraine while his younger siblings stayed behind.

Growing up he missed his siblings, but would always be so happy when he would get to see them again. They always got along, and he was proud to see that his brother (the youngest) would always look after their sister (so Andriy didn’t have to worry). As Andriy grew (and boy did he grow!) he learned all sorts of things about farming, and soon owned one of his own. He enjoyed working in the fields and had a way with growing the land.


First thing to know is that Andriy is a hugger. Even though he knows he shouldn’t necessarily hug people when he is happy, he tends to do it anyway (and with his muscles, this can sometimes hurt other people). He is very optimistic and looks for the good in people. He loves making other people happy and will go out of his way to do so. He also loves looking after anyone younger than him (and will sometimes treat them younger than they are).

For someone so optimistic Andriy surprisingly little self confidence. He will constantly apologize for things that are not his fault (and he assumes everything is his fault). He will try to make up for it too, but sometimes ends up just making the situation worse. Due to this, Andriy will sometimes (always) end up crying. He can’t help it, he’s very sensitive. He cries when he’s happy. He cries when he’s sad. Sometimes he cries and he doesn’t even know why. Overall he’s a bit of a push over, though he has a ridiculous amount of man power so it’s best to have him on your side.
More fun stuff:
-Andriy hates conflicts and would prefer if everyone just got along.

- He acts fairly gullible and clueless, but sometimes he does understand but chooses to play along (as it tends to make others feel like they are smart. So he ends up dumbing himself down).

-He is a romantic, and if given the chance he will swoon and sigh like a girl.

-He can also be a scardy cat.

-Adriy has a scarf similar to Ivan's. His is a darker tan however, and often gets dirty.

Role play sample
“What do you think it will be like Andriy?” The Ukrainian man looked down to the group of children that had somehow appeared behind him. A smile ran across his face as he grabbed the pitchfork.
“I’m sure it will be nice! They said there will be many other people, so your big brother won’t get lonely.” He stabbed into the large pile of hay and hoisted it into the cart, bending down once more. A few of the children scurried beside him and grabbed handfuls of the grass, attempting to help by tossing it into the cart. Most of it fell to the ground, but Andriy didn’t mind.
It was the thought that counted.
“Yah but why did they choose you?”
“Yah Andriy, why not some businessman? Or an army man!” A few of the other boys chimed in with their approval. A few of the girls shot back.
“That is because they know Andriy will make a great husband!”
“Will not! He acts like a girl!”
“He will! And he does not!
“Does too!”
“Does not!
Andriy waved his hands, as he attempted to break up the children.
“N-now now! It is ok! They didn’t ask if I would make a good husband-“
“Because you won’t.”
“Take that back!”
“Marie, please, be nice to Conrad-“
“Nu-uh! No way!”
“C-conner, n-now be nice to Marie-“
And before Andriy knew it the little girl had knocked her opposer out. The children cheered and then began to scuff it out, leaving the man shaking in his boots.
Hopefully the people in the new system will not fight as much?
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Re: Ukraine (male)

Post by Gilbert Beildschmidt on Thu Dec 22, 2011 8:13 pm

I think it's a good app! accepted too~ make an account for him and change your name on the chat =w=b
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