-Main Plot-

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-Main Plot-

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 20, 2011 4:56 pm

The World went downhill; the Apocalypse is here. Due to Overpopulation, there's not enough resources to save everyone. Only a few people can survive and hopefully rebuild civilization. A couple (plus their close family, such as siblings) from each nations were chosen to represent said nation, based on their beliefs, attitude and liking, supposedly close to the national spirit/ideal citizen.
These people were put to sleep in a specific bunker, where they were taken care of by Machines. Once the Apocalypse was over and the world a place where living was possible again, the door automatically opened and woke them up; Out they could discover a real utopia, a perfect, untouched world where they can give humanity a second chance.
All you have to start your journey are a few resources, your knowledge, and a few other people; will you rebuild humanity as it was, with different nations ? Create a new one keeping all the good points? Or start a war to take control of this new world?


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