Alfred F. Jones - Application

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Alfred F. Jones - Application

Post by Madeline Williams on Fri Dec 09, 2011 12:43 am

Name: Alfred F. Jones
Country representing: United States
Age: 21
Background(what was their job before, what was their life like?): Before the Apocalypse came upon the world, Alfred led a pretty damn awesome life. Believing himself to be a born-hero, he was originally enrolled in a police training academy to pursue justice and “save the world.” Now that a new world has been created, he feels more than ever that his role as a hero can truly be fulfilled. Because he is very strong physically and believes he is invincible (hence why he was chosen to survive), he feels it is his duty to step above everyone else and for others just to be his “backup.” In other words, he’ll do the real hero business while everyone just watches. This obnoxious (yet genuine) mentality earned him a lot of animosity from his fellow police-trainees back when the old world still existed. He is also envied by many for his unending appetite, unhealthy habits and yet still toned body. It is a mystery where so many burgers and fries (his all-time favorite cuisine) go, but one can only guess his unending amount of energy and heroic passion stems from an amazing metabolism and heavy duty fitness routines.

Personality (mostly to see your characterization): Alfred is a very optimistic young man with a can-do attitude about everything. It is somewhat safe to say he has the body of a growing man but the spirit and curiosity of a young boy. Nothing seems impossible to him and somehow everyone falls just a step short behind him in awesome (somewhat reminiscent of Gilbert Beildschmidt), leading him to think of others as his “backup” only. Even though Alfred means well and is really a friendly and cuddly sort of loud and annoying brother-type of person, he sometimes inadvertently (and unknowingly) offends others with his bold remarks and comes across as insensitive. He tends to be blunt in a playful way with no real intention of malice and often sticks his foot in his mouth, so to speak. Underneath the oversized ego, Alfred really cares deeply about others and believes strongly in the pursuit of freedom and happiness for every single individual. (American pride FTW.) As conceited as he may seem, he really will loyally stick to justice as much as he can to keep others safe under his protection. Overall, he will probably be the best partner for a thrill ride but not for a haunted mansion escapade (not that he’s scared or anything… or, well, he is but… that’s totally not the point!) He may not be the best choice for intellectual conversation, either, and comes off as ignorant because of it. Every blue moon, however, he might actually show he does indeed have an intellectual side and can “read the atmosphere.” He chooses not to, though, since ignorance is bliss. (Plus. He’s the hero. He can get away with that sort of thing. ;D)

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words):

(The following excerpt is taken from a USUK canon 1x1 RP set during WWII when they reach that famous island.)

They reached land. YES. Time to kick some evil axis terror in the behind and be the world’s greatest hero that ever lived. Because he. Was. America. Damn straight!

If it were up to him, though, he preferred a different battlefield where he actually had more expertise. Not that he didn’t have any experience fighting on land, (though an island did seem a bit new to him, but still…) He just thought there was much more epic adventure and suspense while flying in the air. The Air Force sure had it good. They always got the best missions! Still, he couldn’t complain. They were all fighting for the same goal and all his military was fighting under his colors: red, white, and blue, no matter what missions they carried out. Besides, heroes don’t complain. They endure. They do what they’re supposed to do to save the day with whatever tools they’re given. America was at least proud he had the resources to carry out the war under his favor. After all it was helping his economy out a bit…. It was a bit of a guilt trip for him to think that something so terrible was beneficial for him, but such is the life of a nation: Survival of the fittest. It wasn’t always meant to be pretty, unfortunately.

Said American nation was pulled away from his HEROIC thoughts yet again by England’s speech. He turned around and listened to him, spacing out at times and fidgeting but got the gist of it more or less. He repeated a summary back to him, using only phrases: “Lucky we got the message. Little time to prep for kicking their asses. You guys back me up and I emerge the hero. Got it!” he said and gave him a thumbs up with a huge grin.

He walked around onshore and grinned while taking off his jacket since it was warm. “So British dude! Pretty sweet island, huh?! I’m thinking after this is over that I’ll probably start a resort here… with a huge burger-chain restaurant and everything! Mmmm. Burgers. I'll make them global so EVERYONE can try them! It'll be the international food of heroes!!! Man I sure could use a burger right now…” he sighed but smiled as he looked around. It was a rather beautiful island indeed. He couldn’t wait to put his mark here and Americanize it of course. Yet another thing for him to remember when he got back to the States to resume his territorial expansion and stuff. Also, England did mention him being able to take Japan for himself… wherever that was. It was probably just a few hours' drive away from his home anyway. Surely he just didn’t look closely enough at his “world” map, right?
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Re: Alfred F. Jones - Application

Post by Gilbert Beildschmidt on Sun Dec 11, 2011 7:10 am

accepted sorry for the delay.
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