South Italy (male) Application

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South Italy (male) Application

Post by Lovino Vargas on Fri Dec 02, 2011 8:24 pm

Name: Lovino Vargas
Country representing: Italy (South)
Age: 22
Before he was temporarily put to sleep, Lovino came from what most would call a good home when looking at it from the outside. Both his parents tended to he and his brother the best they could, he had a roof over his head, a warm bed and food on the table. However, as a child Lovino for whatever reason was rarely given the same amount of praise and love from his parents as his ‘adorable’ little brother gained. School life for him wasn’t much different. He became a loner, awkward in most social situations and lashing out whenever he found himself in a situation that was unfamiliar to him. Although he tried to behave himself around women, to the point of even making an attempt at being flirtatious and charming, his reputation tended to precede him and thus he never really found any luck with the ladies, either until he was out on his own. Nobody questioned him about his behavior, most summing it up to just being part of his personality. In addition, Lovino never asked for help with his problems, so his attitude and habits never came to change.
Despite everything, Lovino came to love art. He didn’t see himself as very good at it, but at an easel or with a sketchpad he could remove himself from the world, even if just for a little while. He especially loved to paint and sketch scenes of his half of the country, be it the people or the beautiful countryside. He gained admission to one of the art colleges in southern Italy and thus began to live his life as an artist until he gained a call to come into one of the government offices to be interviewed. He’d thought it strange and a little amazing someone like him had been chosen for such a thing as being a representative for his country and people, but he didn’t give much complaint to the idea. This could be a chance to make a new life for himself, he wasn’t sure he wanted to throw it away.
Another hobby Lovino had was gardening. He loved being able to grow his own food, to watch a tiny sprout grow into an adult plant. He loved tomatoes especially – a special fondness for them being gained after trips to his grandfather’s tomato farm in the south Italian countryside—and loved both their various shapes and the taste of them.

If you aren’t a woman, Lovino’s personality at first glance is someone who is rude, closed-off emotionally and generally not the nicest person to be with. He’s not afraid to throw around insults and cuss even when he’s not even truly irritated. He also tends to be incredibly short-tempered, but at the same time is also more sensitive than he appears. However, often times he’ll use his temper to cover up the fact a sore spot has been hit or that he’s feeling just about any other “weak” emotion, only rarely admitting that he’s feeling hurt or embarrassed in the first place and the cause of it. He’s oftentimes a coward in a fight, however, not a large fan of pain and normally attempting to stay out of physical fights whenever he can, unless he himself is pissed off enough to fight back or finds the fight something of importance.

For the most part, he tells himself he’s content with his life, his true loneliness kept from showing outwardly and partly buried inwardly by busying himself in his art, flirting with girls he meets and gardening. He used to be religious, growing up Catholic, but he doesn't consider himself religious anymore. Although, he still loves the old religious architecture and images that sprung out of his faith, taking a great interest in how and when they appeared as well as the masterminds behind them.

Although he doesn't let anyone be close to him easily (all too used to being hurt by those he trusted) once he does become a friend and it’s been understood that pushing the other person away doesn’t work, his words will gradually tend to have less of a bite to them. Even though he’ll rarely if ever admit it, he has a deep-down desire to not really want to be alone.

Around women, Lovino can be quite charming and affectionate, even if he’s still inwardly a little awkward around them past a certain point. He doesn’t hesitate to compliment them and find whatever way he can to flatter them. However in a situation beyond hand-holding his inexperience begins to show, and as this is embarrassing to him, he makes it a point to not go much farther than that with a woman.

He also loves his good food (he loves to cook and learn new interesting recipes) and a good mid-day siesta, being picky about what goes in his mouth and sleeping even when there’s work to be done. He can clean, but he’s bad at it and his cleaning attempts sometimes make even more of a mess than there was before, so aside from when the dishes and the pile-up of junk becomes too much Lovino can sometimes be a bit lax about cleaning in the first place.

Roleplay sample:
Lovino wiped the sweat off his brow as he parked his Vespa next to one of the scenic overlooks of the city of Naples. The little Vespa was a cheap piece of junk, only sometimes working as it should, but for his occupation it was all he could really afford for a mode of transportation other than taking the bus or walking (his works weren’t overly popular, even though he had made enough sales to pay his bills and scrape by. At the moment though, even the small hill he was attempting to go over was making the engine start to overheat in exertion and die on him, and Lovino grumbled as he got off it how he was in danger of ‘fucking overheating’ as well if he didn’t reach his place soon; where cheap fans awaited that gave him a tiny slice of relief from the heat as they blew on him.

It was an unusually hot day, even for the normally warm Neapolitan coast, and Lovino had only barely resisted banging his head onto the café table when he heard the news awhile back that the days were only supposed to get hotter. It was the end of the world, people were saying and Lovino was starting to believe it, provided this kept up. Not that he really cared anymore, he told himself. He hadn’t kept contact with his family—the only people he’d bother saying his goodbyes too— for a long time, and he didn’t plan on starting now, even for this. He simply didn’t see the point in it, not when they’d never shown much affection towards him themselves. He halted further thoughts before he got too sappy with himself and turned back on the Vespa, checking to see if the engine had cooled down yet. The engine didn’t start.

Lovino swore, stuffing the keys back in the pocket of his vest for the moment and swinging a leg over the edge of the overlook, looking outwards. His apartment was still too far away to walk from here, so he’d have to wait for a bit longer until the engine on his ride could start. At the very least, he mused, the city was a beautiful sight from this vantage point.
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Re: South Italy (male) Application

Post by Gilbert Beildschmidt on Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:55 pm

Excellent application, nothing to add to it, of course you're accepted!
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