Tran Thi Trang - Vietnam Application

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Tran Thi Trang - Vietnam Application

Post by Tran Thi Trang on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:31 am

Name: Tran Thi Trang

Country representing: Vietnam

Age: 24

Background(what was their job before, what was their life like?):

Tran Thi Trang grew up in a small rural family in Vietnam, working out in rice paddies, often alone seeing as how she was an only child. Her mother was a kind woman who treated her daughter well and respected her thirst for independence and her own space. Her father was a diligent man who taught her the value of hard work but, who also made her become wary of strangers, telling her stories of how strangers had hurt this family and their village.

She never had many friends though this suited her just fine; other people were loud and annoying, disturbing her always. Unfortunately, because of this she was often seen as the “strange girl”, always sitting away in a corner of her own or under a big shady tree, reading big and seemingly boring books, always by herself, glaring at those who dared to approach her. Because of this whenever she DID want companionship no one would want to hang out with her.

In her adult life, after she’d turned 18, Trang took over her families rice paddy, and with hard work and great wits, she turned it into one of the most profitable small independent farms in all of Vietnam, hiring various other family members to work on it, not trusting people she didn’t know to work on it. All went well, until the Apocalypse came...

Personality (mostly to see your characterization):

Fiery temper – She is annoyed easily and, when pushed any further, that annoyance will explode into anger. When in rage mode she’ll paddle you until your butt is so sore, both sitting and walking with become a very painful chore. No one is excluded from this, not even her family. Her normal rage brings only paddling and yelling, her true rage though, often seems like everything is fine... until you wake up the next morning with no hair and your favourite thing missing. It’s best to not piss Trang off.

Enjoys her own company – Trang feels no need to be surrounded by a large group of people or any one at all really. She enjoys the time she spends alone, often with a good book and a nice cup of herbal tea. She’s happy to share her alone time with animals though, especially cute ones like cats and rabbits. If annoyed when reading alone expect her to wack you with her book, hard. Just so you know, she reads mostly hardbacks...and very thick novels....ouch.

Enjoys reading – She loves to read, whether it be fiction or non-fiction. With fiction she loves to get lost in the books and pretend she’s out travelling with the characters, like sailing the seven seas with pirates or flying about to a new land with the help of fairies. With non-fiction she loves to read about far off places and other countries. You’ll often find her with her nose deep in a book about Italy or Australia or Egypt or any place in the world. Though when it comes down to it, she'd read about just about anything, so long as it was long, well thought out and intelligent.

Seemingly uncaring – Trang often seems to care about nothing and no one, and is high on the snark and scathing with her insults. Idiot, pervert, absolute imbecile and complete retard are her most used words and phrases to those that displease her...which is a lot of people. She can be nice though and is able to compliment one when she sees fit to do so. She actually DOES care for many of the people she does insult, especially her family. It’s just that her negative words are how she expresses that love.

A traveller – She’s one of those people that just hate to stay in one place. Sure, reading and her imagination can show her many wonderful places but that’s simply not enough for her! She wants to go out and see the world, travel to every country, learn about their cultures, try all their delicious foods! This dream of hers had never been realised though... but that doesn't mean she's given up on it just yet!

A romantic – Even though she fears falling in love herself she loves to watch other couples be all mushy and lovey-dovey with one another and that’s regardless of genders and sexualities. She believes that ALL couples and sexes and people should be treated equally and hates it when others are teased or hurt because they are gay or black or a woman. When she meets people who are so close minded to others she often feels like giving them a good paddling and, well, she often does. Best be fearing the paddle people, she knows how to use it.

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words):

Trang sat down outside under the shade of a huge old tree. She had came out here during her lunch break when she was tired of being annoyed by her various noisy classmates who wouldn’t stop shouting and yelling about stupid, unimportant things.

It was impossible to read in such an environment! So instead of whacking the whole class until they were silent she decided she’d just take her book and read outside instead.

It had been a wonderful idea to do so. It was nice and quiet outside, with everyone staying indoors just because it happened to be a little cold outside. So what if there was frost on the grass? That wasn’t going to stop her from reading her book in peace.

Trang opened her novel and started reading away, getting lost in the story about a girl who wanted nothing more than to sail the open seas for the rest of her life, forever travelling the ocean until the day she died.

She imagined she was right there beside her, helping her find new lands and fighting fierce storms and sea monsters.

Her eyes snapped open as she felt familiar hands reaching up from behind her and giving her chest a quick grope. Her eye twitched as she dropped her book to the ground, making a small portal to her left and reaching in to grab her paddle.

The boy who had touched her quickly jumped up and started to run away but Trang was faster. Within thirty seconds she had him on the ground, crying for her to stop, which, of course, she didn’t.


(From a Hetalia Gakuen Superpower RP: Back in the Days)
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Re: Tran Thi Trang - Vietnam Application

Post by Gilbert Beildschmidt on Thu Nov 24, 2011 7:53 am

definitely accepted here! good app.
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