Madeline Williams - Fem!Canada Application

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Madeline Williams - Fem!Canada Application

Post by Madeline Williams on Tue Nov 22, 2011 7:58 am

Name: Madeline Williams
Country representing: Canada
Age: 20

Background: Before the Apocalypse, Madeline was attending a university to study pediatrics. In her spare time she would love to read novels, bake, and go ice-skating. Since the longest time she has been a hard worker and very gentle person, loving children and longing for a little bit of romance and magic in her life.
But for someone so kind, her history is full of betrayal and heartbreak. Still, this has only strengthened her heart in terms of longing for peace and tranquility (though many think of her as weak for sometimes breaking down emotionally). Experience with bickering parents-- coincidentally of English and French origins-- who fought for custody over her taught her to be self-reliant and withdrawn even though she was dragged into arguments many times and forced to take sides. Thus was born her dislike for conflict among her loved ones. Despite her parents resenting each other she tried her best to remain loyal to both of them and so became fluent in English and French. Even though there were many negative vibes surrounding her at home she still fought to be kind and patient with others even when they took advantage of her. Sometimes it would go pretty far and she would fight for her beliefs though didn’t always emerge the victor. Still, she remained as golden-hearted as ever and emerged a quiet and peaceful girl with a love for helping others. Because she has witnessed much conflict she developed an inner sort of quiet fortitude which she draws upon when times get rough and has helped others in times of need (and sometimes has been forced to help them). She doesn’t ask for gratitude most of the time but would very much like to be acknowledged for her hard work and effort in everything she does.

Personality: Canadian-born Madeline Williams is about as sweet as her favorite flavor of maple syrup, if not more so. Beautiful and intelligent though she is, she is not very confident with herself and prefers the spotlight to be on someone else other than her. Ironically, though, she gets sad when she’s ignored. She is a fragile beauty constantly wary of rejection and conflict which has led her to become shy, quiet, and more observant than participatory in social situations. Though she is reserved and hardly speaks up for herself, she has a heart of gold and is always willing to help when asked for it. (Unfortunately, though, sometimes she is taken advantage of for her kindness).
As sweet as she is, Madeline has an uncanny ability to sometimes break out of her shell and stand up for her beliefs passionately when she fears someone has crossed the line too far. There have even been times she has nearly gotten verbally violent because of it. This is a rare occurrence and if ever it happens, she instantly becomes an emotional wreck and apologizes for her outburst before sinking back into her self-protective bubble. By nature she is a pacifist and prefers not to lash out at anyone and tries to help end others’ conflicts when she can. She also highly believes strongly in helping children because she feels their innocence is the last true hope for their despairing world. She hopes to someday be a mother herself and to give all her love to them.

Appearance: Madeline has silky blonde hair which she often decorates into two pigtails along with hair clips to somewhat hold back her bangs. She often also wears a white beret to complete her ensemble and prefers elegant winter coats (with a Canadian trace of maple leaves to adorn them) and skirts with tights. Her eyes are a shade of clear amethyst or lilac purple and she often has a dainty smile on her face along with rosy cheeks displaying her shyness but friendly demeanor.

Roleplay sample (minimum 200 words): Looking into the mirror groggily at six in the morning, the Canadian girl sighed as she brushed her hair, trying to flatten out her persistent hair curl. It proved unsuccessful after a while and she gave up as she started to form her pigtails and clipped some of her bangs back with pink hair clips. She went through her morning ritual of getting dressed for school, heart beating fast and threatening to fall into her stomach along with the butterflies fluttering there since the previous day. Madeline Williams looked at her reflection when she was done and she blushed. Would anyone notice her? Should she put on make-up? No, no… This should do. She wanted to leave a good first impression but not so much so that she looked like a walking neon sign or something.

Okay. Tie, check. Sweater, check. Skirt ironed, beret fixed atop her head, shoes polished… Oh goodness what was she forgetting…?

Her eyes widened. “Mon Dieu! The bus is almost here!” she called out as she read the time on her alarm clock and rushed around the room to pick up her backpack and other necessary items for her first day. Whimpering she looked around for one last thing. It would be embarrassing if anyone found out about it but she couldn’t leave without her…

“Kumarie? Kumarie where are you?!” she whispered in a panicky voice and eventually found her girly stuffed polar bear hiding in her blankets. “Come on. It’s the first day of school. A-aren’t you excited?” she asked mostly to herself than her fuzzy companion. Besides, she knew the inanimate toy wouldn’t answer but it was comforting to shift attention away from herself for a moment. She picked up the small bear and cuddled with it before gently placing her in her backpack. She and the bear went way back to her childhood and it was one of the few fond memories she still had of her parents when they were both still together. It was nice to still think of the happiness that was associated with her favorite Christmas gift of all… both her parents had bought it for her since they found out her love of animals, bears in particular. It was truly her most cherished possession.

“Hopefully I’ll make some new friends, right? A-and maybe join a club soon? I wonder if they have a baking club. It would be so fun to exchange recipes and treats…” she said in her sweet voice as she looked one last time in the mirror, face glowing. She looked fine, right? Not too exaggerated. As long as she smiled it would be fine. “I… I think I can do this,” she smiled shyly and took a deep breath. “Well… wish me luck Kumarie,” she said with a giggle and made her way out the door.
Madeline Williams

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Re: Madeline Williams - Fem!Canada Application

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:11 am

good application! you're accepted.


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