Natalia Arlovskaya // Belarus Application

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Natalia Arlovskaya // Belarus Application

Post by Natalia on Tue Nov 22, 2011 12:29 am

Name: Natalia Arlovskaya
Country representing: Belarus
Background: Natalia had a fairly ordinary childhood, which is kind of odd considering her slightly messed up personality. It was a middle income household, slightly leaning on the poorer side, the girl was provided for perfectly well, though. Her parents divorced when she was still quite young so Natalia lived with her mother in Belarus for the most part of her life. She still managed to keep in contact with her siblings, though.
Before getting into the project the girl studied History in the Belarusian State University. She didn’t really have a passion for her subject and did it mostly to have some sort of qualification. Nevertheless, she’d always get fairly good grades and passed unnoticed. Natalia’s passion lay in sharp and dangerous objects, though. The girl was an active member in the local rifles society and self thought herself how to use swords and throw knives, which earned her quite the reputation. It prevented her to have any kind of relationships, not that she wanted any (besides one) herself.

Personality: Natalia had quite the reputation that preceded her (‘Psycho bitch’ was one of the most prominent titles). She was known to bounce from being calm and uncaring at one second to completely mental the next, which convinced most that the girl suffers from bipolar syndrome if not something worse. The only reason she actually got into the project was due to her relation to her brother, otherwise she would be deemed too unstable. It doesn’t help that whenever somebody managed to get on her nerves or just in her way, Natalia would quite calmly threaten them with death and something even worse. Despite her delicate features and very feminine physique, the girl apparently had a horribly scary aura.

Truth be told, everything is much less extreme if you get to know her. Normally, Natalia does not enjoy being surrounded by many people and keeps most of her emotions to herself. The girl rarely smiles and constantly seems unhappy or uninterested. It takes a bit to get to her softer side, but if you do, you’d get the best bodyguard in the world. Whatever is dear to her he girl protects with all her might.

Natalia’s calm demeanor changes drastically when she’s around her brother. Suddenly she becomes passionate and energetic with only one thing on mind – brother and marriage. She is obsessed over him to the point of insanity and many noted on the unhealthiness of their relationship. Not that it matters much to her what other people think (her brother included).

Roleplay sample: It was the afternoon; a cold breeze ruffled Natalia’s hair. She was heading to the artillery for her weekly shooting practice. Holding the gun made her relax for some reason, it probably had something to do with possessing more power than ever. It made her feel safe. Not that she needed protection from anyone, most of her peers knew about her somewhat famous reputation. She could intimidate even the toughest men, which was funny; Natalia was not what you’d call a tough looking woman. People could be so easily manipulated by rumors and such. The thought made her chuckle slightly, no one noticed it though. The street was, in fact, somewhat empty, with only a few other people walking behind her. The only prominent noise was the clacks of her heels. Clack-clack-clack, it seemed like her walking rhythm coincided with the beating of her heart. Strange. It was probably to do with the cold, it was autumn after all; she should hurry up. The open cafes that she passed through seemed very inviting; one had Christmas decorations already installed. ‘Damn capitalism’ was Natalia’s fist thought. It was only November and they got their merchandise out already, she was sure that humanity had lost all shame. Suddenly the cafes stopped being a temptation and Natalia continued on to her destination undaunted. ((Sorry, if the rp sample is a bit nonsensical. Trying out new things >.>))


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Re: Natalia Arlovskaya // Belarus Application

Post by Admin on Tue Nov 22, 2011 8:30 am

it's a very good app, so you're accepted!


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