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Forum Rules

Post by Admin on Sun Nov 20, 2011 1:53 pm

  • Avoid drama OOC.
  • Try to use proper English. We're not all native speaker but all try our best and we appreciate that kind of effort.
  • Always listen to the admin and mods, and try to learn those rules so you can apply them.
  • If you have to be away for more than two weeks, post it in the absence thread.
  • Too many absence will lead to you being asked to leave/consider rping more (We know IRL>RP, but it shouldn't be to the point it blocks other rpers.)
  • Every user is to post on the forum at least once every 2 weeks. For those who roleplay on the chat more than post on the forum, they may post on the Forum Canon Thread .

  • Use brackets to talk OOC. And remember that this is a RP forum; RP has priority over chatting.
  • No repetitive arguing on the chat. If this is to happen three times then a mod or admin shall give the user a warning (Which also involve some form of punishment depending on the offense.)
  • Smut is allowed on the chat, we expect the members to act accordingly to their age on there.
  • We usually use the script format on the chat. (this means that when you're on the chat, not posting on the forum, you use "*eats an apple* I like apples!" instead of "He ate an apple. "I like apples!"")
  • If some RP happens on the chat but doesn't appear on the forum, unless it is copy-pasted or summarized (with enough detail) in the Forum Canon thread, it won't count or be considered as forum canon. That is to say, we'll not consider it to have happened if it doesn't appear on the forum.

Suggestions: given this is supposed to rebuild humanity, homosexuality by default will not be well seen IC (they were chosen, sacrificing millions of other people, to recreate humanity after all, suggesting breeding...). You're not forbidden to make your characters gay, but do take in account it'll be an important plot point.(Homophobia isn't welcomed OOC though.)


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